Tournament Information
The Alameda Commuters is one of Northern California's most prestigious amateur golf events.

The event has been played at the Alameda golf course, since its inception in 1927. The event is played at 72 hole stroke play format. A field of 208 golfers whom are some of the best amateurs from around the west coast are assembled for a 36 holes qualifier with 18 played on the Earl Fry North and Jack Clark South. After 36 holes the field is cut to low 50 and ties with the final 36 holes being played on the Earl Fry North Course. Any amateur with an Index of 5.2 or less, is welcome to enter.

NOTE: Due to construction for the NEW Jack Clark South Course, all 72 holes of play will be conducted on the Earl Fry North Course for 2017. Tee times for April 22nd and April 23rd will be conducted in a morning and afternoon format.

The Alameda Commuters Senior division, for players over 55, continues to attract one of the strongest senior amateur fields in Northern California. The Alameda Commuters is proud to announce the 30th annual Alameda Commuters Senior Golf Tournament, to be conducted April 29th and 30th, on the Earl Fry Course at the Chuck Corica Golf Complex - Alameda California. Field will be made up of 48 senior amateur golfers: including past Alameda Commuters champions and players 55 years or older with NCGA GHIN indexes of 5.2, or lower.

Although the Alameda Commuters does not have a women’s division at this time, we do extend invitations each year to some of the top local women players. These players must meet our entry criteria and play from the same championship tee’s the men play from.

The Alameda Commuters Golf Tournament, and the Alameda Commuters Senior Golf Tournament, are both recognized by the Northern California Golf Association as official NCGA Points and NCGA Senior Points events. For more information about the NCGA Points program, visit the NCGA website. The NCGA awards our Commuter’s champion the highest performance points for any stroke play event - 250 points.  With over 100 such point tournaments that the NCGA recognizes, this high point total reflects the magnitude and impact that this event holds in Northern California amateur golfing circles.

Below is the OFFICIAL list of NCGA Points Values for winners and top finishers of the Alameda Commuters Golf Tournament

  1. Championship Points
    1st Place: 250 Points 2nd Place: 165 Points 3rd Place: 100 Points 4th Place: 75 Points 5th Place: 50 Points 6th thru 10th Place & Ties: 25 Points
  2. Senior Points
    1st Place: 200 Points 2nd Place: 100 Points 3rd Place: 80 Points 4th Place: 60 Points 5th Place: 40 Points 6th thru 10th Place: 20 Points 11-15th Place: 10 Points
When and Where
  1. Championship
    Saturday, April 22, 2017 * Sunday, April 23, 2017 * Saturday, April 29, 2017 Sunday, April 20, 2017
  2. Senior
    Saturday, April 29, 2017 Sunday, April 30, 2017
All rounds to be played at:

Chuck Corica Golf Complex
1 Clubhouse Memorial Road
Alameda, CA 94502


Almost as long as there has been golf in Alameda, there has been a "Commuters"

On May 27, 1927, Mr. James Hunter, the Starter of the Alameda Golf Course said, "Gentlemen, you are on the tee", and when Mr. George Rose hit his tee shot, golf had arrived on the island city of Alameda.

Since 1927, many golf tournaments have been held in Alameda. The oldest and most important is the Alameda Commuters.

The first Alameda Commuters was held in July of 1928 - the first prize was a keg of nails and the last place was a sack of manure. By 1936 the tournament grew to a field of 21 handicap flights of 16 players, a total of 352 entries.

By 1937, it was necessary to hold qualifying for the Championship flight to determine the low 32, who advanced into match play. That format lasted for 22 years, when in 1959 the Championship became a 72-hole, medal play event as it remains today.
The Commuters has had the staying power to survive part of a depression, prohibition, World War II, and more. The strength of the Tournament Committee, sponsors, and the desire of top amateurs to compete have all factored into this longevity.

While many contenders over the years have gone forward into the professional ranks, many often return as sponsors. Top competitors seek out the highest quality events, and the Commuters Championship and Senior divisions have been awarded high point values by the Northern California Golf Association.

Past Champions

1930 Howard C. Stovel
1934 Roland B. Wagner
1938 Einar Hansen
1942 Earl Fry, Jr.
1946 Talbert Smith
1950 Talbert Smith
1954 Talbert Smith
1958 Robert Unthank
1962 John Lotz
1966 Bob Smith
1970 Kelly Moser
1974 Bob Blomberg
1978 Bob Blomberg
1982 Bill Malley
1986 Bob Blomberg
1990 Gary Vanier
1994 Randy Haag
1998 Ryan Wilson
2002 Matt Bettencourt (266)*
2006 Rick Reinsberg
2010 George Gandranata
2014 Jonathon Del Los Reyes
1931 Howard C. Stovel
1935 Howard C. Stovel
1939 Phil Gordon
1943 Ralph Hall
1947 Talbert Smith
1951 Talbert Smith
1955 Elmer Cities
1959 John Lotz
1963 Richard Lotz
1967 Ray Leach
1971 Rod Velasquez
1975 Doug Poole
1979 Bob Blomberg
1983 Ally Trompas
1987 Ken Webb
1991 Ken Webb
1995 Rob Martin III
1999 John Ellis
2003 Rick Reinsberg
2007 Rick Reinsberg
2011 Rick Reinsberg
2015 Miguel Delgado
1928 J. Charles Jordan
1932 Stuart Heatley
1936 Walter Tebaldi
1940 Matt Palacio, Jr.
1944 Elmer Cities
1948 Don Whitt
1952 Talbert Smith
1956 Robert Snelling
1960 Richard Lotz
1964 Jim Johnson
1968 Forrest Fezler
1972 Sandy Galbraith
1976 Mike Powers
1980 Milt King
1984 Bob Blomberg
1988 Gary Vanier
1992 Mark Sear
1996 Dong Yi
2000 Darryl Donovan
2004 Rick Reinsberg
2008 Michael Jensen
2012 Michael Weaver
2016 Peter Kuest
1929 Ralph P. Freese
1933 Stuart Heatley
1937 R. C. Graham
1941 Talbert Smith
1945 Henry Suico
1949 Bob Rosburg
1953 Aldo Galletti
1957 Jack Luceti
1961 John Lotz
1965 Terry Small
1969 Forrest Fezler
1973 Bob Berg
1977 Tom Costello
1981 John Susko
1985 Aly Trompas
1989 Gary Vanier
1993 Bob Blomberg
1997 Jeff Burda
2001 Darryl Donovan
2005 Carlos Corona
2009 Taylor Travis
2013 Pace Johnson

Senior Champions

1990 Hank Lucente
1994 John Cranston
1998 Bob Olds
2002 Roly LaMontagne
2006 Jeff Early
2010 Jim Knoll
2014 Casey Boyns
1991 Jim McMurtrey
1995 Bob Callan
1999 Bob Olds
2003 Bob Callan
2007 Gary Vanier
2011 Jim Knoll
2015 Jim Knoll
1989 Earl Forbes
1993 Fred Strebel
1997 Dan James
2001 Jay Guerin
2005 Merton Goode
2009 Jim Knoll
2013 Gary Vanier
1988 Jim McMurtrey
1992 Jim McMurtrey
1996 Bob Olds
2000 Bob Heaton
2004 Mike Butler
2008 Mark Miller
2012 Jeff Burda
2016 Gary Vanier
Below is a photo of 6-time “Commuters champion, Bob Blomberg, dressed in his Alameda Commuters Committee "greencoat”. In 2001, Bob was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Northern California Golf Association, for his 30 years of stalwart play, great golf sportsmanship and for always behaving like a true gentleman.  Bob's on-course demeanor and the way he relates to his fellow competitors exemplify the true spirit of the dedicated amateur golfer.

Bob was a great ambassador for golf and for the Alameda Commuter’s Golf Tournament.